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26.2 Trail of Truth $6.98
A Quest for Adventure $17.95
Bannister and Beyond $22.00
Cooking for Runners $14.95
Eat to Run $4.95
First Marathons/Hardcover $22.00
First Marathons/Paperback $15.00
How Running Changed My Life $15.00
In The Long Run $14.95
Nancy Clarks Food Guide For Marathoners $21.50
Pace Yourself - 366 Devotions From The Daily Grind $24.00
Running Journal Magazine - 1-Year Subscription/Subscribe or Renew $19.95
Running Journal Magazine - 2-Year Subscription/Subscribe or Renew $36.95
Running Journal Magazine - 3-Year Subscription/Subscribe or Renew $49.95
Running Psychology $4.95
Running Through The Wall $14.00
Running With The Wind $15.20
See Mom Run $15.00
Staying Supple: The Bountiful Pleasures of Stretching $13.00
The Elements of Effort $20.00
The Other Kingdom $14.95
The Quotable Runner (Hardcover) $22.00
The Quotable Runner (Paperback) $13.00
The Runner and the Path $22.00
The Runners High $14.00
The Six Seasons of a Runners Life $14.95
The Spirit of the Marathon $14.00
The Sweet Spot in Time $16.00
Training Log (Running Journal) $5.95
Under an Equatorial Sky $17.00

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